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Tips on Adoption

Tips on AdoptionThe truth is: adoption can be a long and difficult process. Nonetheless, it is possible, and it can lead to a happy and more complete family. Here are some tips to help you get started and get through it:

• Network – Let it be known that you want to adopt a child. Make connections with people wherever you go.
• Media – check out magazines and websites on adoption. Read success stories and find out more about places to adopt. Check the newspaper and even consider placing ads in the paper or hanging up fliers.
• Be sure to know the laws of your particular state – state laws can vary.
• Know that there are no promises.
• Know that every expecting mother has the right to change her mind – she does not have to go forward with the adoption plan.
• Do not give up! It may take a while; but if you stick to it, it will happen.
• Avoid scams!

How can you avoid scams?

• Get a background check on any professional or agency with whom you may be working with. Check references.
• Verify all information you receive about an expecting mother.
• Get proof of the pregnancy and also validate that proof.
• Save every bit of documentation, including receipts, etc. that you get.
• Do not give money to people whom you do not know (or cannot check the background of). It may be tempting, but don’t it.
• Watch out for anyone who is pushy, wants an immediate answer, or wants money upfront.
• Think with your head, not heart. You want a child very badly, and this can make you more vulnerable to bad situations…

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